Want a doodle of yourself or your family for your web site, avatar, or for part of your theme?  Doodles are a great way to illustrate our blog and “show” your family without worrying about using actual pictures of your family.

Doodles can be pencil, ink, or watercolor.  You provide a picture or an idea (people or items that symbolize a person are best) and I will do a quick doodle based on it that you will have permission to use anywhere on the net–for forum icons, gravatars, your blog, wherever.  Pricing depends on the number of items or people in the image and the size of the image needed.
Click here for example doodles and illustrations.

Icons and buttons are $5 each unless more detail is needed.

Header images start at $10.

Below are a few sample sizes.

80px by 80px (gravatar size)

150px by 150px (icon size)

124px by 240px (sidebar button size)

800px by ? (header image)

I can also do doodles for other things including notecards, postcards, t-shirts, coffee mugs (I use Zazzle to produce these items –if you request something I get paid when you purchase it through Zazzle.)

If you are interested contact me at gracedbychrist (at) gmail (dot) com  and we will see what can be done.


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