Shoes by Heather Young

A sweet friend of mine purchased the rights to use the digital version of this painting (or the one I will share tomorrow)  for their e-book cover (which they eventually hope to turn into a print book.)  She will, on Tuesday I believe, be posting the two potential book covers and ask readers to help them choose which to use.  They also plan to give away a print of this painting and the other, each to a person who comments on the post. Here is where she announces the coming contest.  I will link to the actual contest as soon as she posts it.

This will be my first painting to be used as cover design and I am very excited to see the final outcome (I saw the galleys and love what she did with it.)   I guess officially it is my second cover-work since the day after I did a pen and ink of my mother-in-laws church for the front of their new church directory.   Not sure that really counts. 🙂


This painting was based on a gorgeous photo of my girls feet by a friend of mine.

This painting is sold but prints are available here.I was thinking about the process of painting and this one is the perfect example. The painting itself doesn’t take long and I often discount the time leading up to the painting when figuring out time spent.
The process goes something like this:

  1. Get an idea–usually it is a request from someone or an idea that is inspired by something or someone.
  2. Push the idea to the back of my mind since I am busy with something else.
  3. Idea keeps coming forward, eating at my brain.
  4. Chew on idea, consider beginning but decide to keep working on it before I start.
  5. Consider idea some more, start thinking about possible execution.
  6. Come up with multiple ways idea may present itself.
  7. Chew on it some more.
  8. Begin to consider paper size and possible colors for idea.
  9. Change mind multiple times.
  10. Get sudden bee in bonnet to just do it already.  Push all other projects out of the way while work on new pet project.

Am I the only one who works this way?  I am surprised to realize that despite it only taking me an hour or so to execute a painting it has taken me weeks of brain work to get it right–and the paintings I have put the most thought into are the ones that turn out the best.  Some of my favorites–like the shoe painting took years in the making even though they only took 3 hours from the moment the pencil hit the paper to finish.

And how long did Shoes take?

Idea: 3 years in the works
Painting time: 3 hours start to finish.


3 Responses to “Shoes”

  1. What a wonderful painting Heather! This is definitely my favorite option for the book’s cover art, though I love both of the paintings. 🙂

  2. I like this one better.

    I may be biased, though, having twins, a boy and a girl. This reminds me of them (except my daughter goes in more for Hello Kitty socks than stripey ones).

  3. I fell in love with this one the minute that I saw it!

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