Dragon’s Horde

Once upon a time there was an artist who had a habit of putting too much on her plate (or more often others serving way too much and she just went along with it.)  One day she had many artistic projects coming her way, more and more people commissioning her to do paintings, not to mention 3 lovely children who wanted a lot of attention at inconvenient times, plus a side business of webhosting and design.   And whilst she had too much on her plate she would get an idea and decide to run with it.

This is one of those paintings that stuck in my head for some time before I drew it, and then sat there a long time before I decided to color it.   And even though most of my favorite dragons by other artists are green, grey, or blue, for some reason most of mine end up being red.  He just wanted to be red.  And this illustration was actually for a personal website I did, more of a diary just for me than anything I made right after my mom died so I had a place to write out what was going on in my head.  And yes, I need a much better photo of it.

SOLD (Thank you Telas. :))


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