Art, originally uploaded by Mrs. Shamus Young.

My girls are so different– the oldest more proper and nervous of the camera while the youngest is spontaneous and loves the camera but is  always a blur of movement (unless she is reading and then there is no movement at all).  They also love to dress alike despite their very different styles.  The original photo was taken in front of our house where the girls were balancing on the rocks around our  flower garden but it just worked better for the painting to leave that part out.

The one new thing I did on this painting was use a blue watercolor pencil when drawing out the shading on the shirts.  In general I don’t like watercolor pencils, at least the ones I have– they are too vibrant when wet compared to when dry and it always frustrates me when the colors become unexpectedly overbearing and inconsistent with the actual color of the pencil.  This may not be true of other varieties but in the case of the pencils I have (I don’t remember the brand) the inconsistency is significant.  In this case, however, it works– in fact, I like the result much better than my usual Payne’s grey for shadows on white.

This painting is 12″ by 16″ and is  for sale on my etsy site.


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