Esther, originally uploaded by Mrs. Shamus Young.

This started as a sketch for a new much larger painting– the face isn’t quite right, was just trying to get a feel for what needed to happen on the 22″ by 30″ sheet. However, it turned into a test for a new 3 color technique that I discovered while perusing various watercolor artist sites. It was kind of tricky, especially since I naturally abhor yellow and seldom use it unless absolutely necessary, but I adore the resulting colors and simplicity of the outcome.

For some time I have been trying to decide how best to simplify my palette and this may well be a good way for me to do it. I think it will take several more tries to decide if I want to continue using this technique or go back to the way I usually paint.

The trickiest part of this one was the comments while I was in the midst of painting– the kids kept laughing because, until I got color into her, she looked an awful lot like a zombie. Maybe I should do one for them of zombie Esther since they obviously have zombies on the brain.

I have several other commissioned paintings to work on and am going to take my time sketching the large scale one out as it is tricky to capture Esther’s look here– the line between her “afraid” and her “awestruck” look is very slim and awestruck is what I am going for. And so I will be working on several 8″ by 10″ paintings with a 22″ by 30″ sheet stuck to my table so I can occasionally take a break and get the drawing just right.


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