Drawing from the past

Drawing from the past, originally uploaded by Mrs. Shamus Young.

In the above collage are the majority of the drawings I did while stuck in the pencil and paper head only portraits phase, before I moved from metal smithing on to oil and then watercolors. I am not particularly happy with them though they are “true to life”. I was fairly miserable in that phase of my life and though the photo based ones still hang in our hall opposite real photos from that same time I don’t really think much about them, at least not as art per se, rather I think of them as a record or possibly a stepping stone to where I am now.

These were mostly from photos though several were drawn from life. All were drawn between 2002 and 2003.

Left to right: Baby Issac, Baby Shamus, Rachel, Death Mask*, self portrait during an obviously depressed stage of my life

Bottom row: Shamus (grown up version), figure study 1 and 2, Baby Esther, toddler Esther, and uncle Pat.

Death Mask was done in response to the passing of my grandmother. The image was stuck in my head after seeing her in the home the night before her death. We knew she wasn’t going to survive the night and the change in her since the day before was drastic. Like many other moments of stress my brain immediately started drawing the lines I was seeing over and over until the drawing itself was etched in my brain.


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